Introducing Assured Science Exchange

A Better Future for Science with Assured Science Exchange

By providing scientists with a revenue-generating model, we enable motivated scientists self-sustain their research careers on their own terms and produce superior data on any subject most efficiently. Traditional science, redesigned to thrive in the modern world. We are the future of scientific research for humankind.

More Funded Projects

Assured Science provides scientists with a better way to fund their research. No more funding gaps, no more wasted talent, effort, and time.

Superior Data

Through the Assured Science Model, all new data is instantly validated and automatically archived. Access to that data is provided efficiently and effectively.

A Brighter Future

Funding for all research will ensure success and provide scientists with the means to achieve their short term and long-term goals. Become a part of the Assured Science Team to help scientists self-sustain their projects and research careers.

Read about how and why Assured Science Exchange (ASE) was founded

We can do much more and much better with funds and resources that are already available for scientific research.


We're are currently seeking co-founders, advisors, and other supporters to help establish Assured Science Exchange in the science world. Qualified individuals can come from a variety of disciplines, but must be passionate about making research efficient, enjoyable, and accessible for all who are interested. More details are provided in the personal letter of invitation to join the effort.


The Assured Science Exchange Model (patent pending) enables all scientists to function more like small business entrepreneurs by providing resources to pursue their research careers on any subject for as long as they need to or want to.

Did you know that on average, only about 15% of research projects are funded each year?

You can help triple this number by simply sharing this page with friends and family or anyone you know who is interested in scientific research.